2018 European Conference on Process Safety and Big Data

Van 14 november 2018 Tot 15 november 2018


The 3rd Edition of the European Conference on Process Safety and Big Data will be featuring Augmenting Process Safety Performance through Big Data and Digitalization. Data generation & digitization is growing fast and can help to improve the safety of hazardous chemical operations. At this conference we will discuss the actual practices and opportunities. 

The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and European Process Safety Center (EPSC) will jointly host the European Conference on Process Safety and Big Data at the DECHEMA-House in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Submit Your Abstract By August 17, 2018 to: ccpseuropeanconference@aiche.org that demonstrate the relevance of process safety improvements through big data and digitalization.
Use the 2018 Abstract Submission Form

Call for Abstract Topics Includes:

  1. Tools to avoid Human Errors Digital tools to help operators and technicians avoid incidents caused by human error
  2. Data Lakes / Intelligent Dashboards / KPIs Benefits of Data Lakes and Visualization to Safety, increasing transparency of process behavior and correlations between measurements and presence or absence of incidents
  3. Big Data Analytics Benefits to process safety of using Big Data Analytics
  4. Standards & Methods Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Standards which facilitate Big Data Analytics, Status of Standardization
  5. Augmented Reality Solutions with Augmented Reality to support plant operators, maintenance workers to avoid human errors, give engineers the tools for human factor engineering/ergonomic plant design; Visualization of interrelations between measurements and safety, simulation of safety incidents
  6. Predictive Maintenance Practical Big Data examples and successful projects that drive Process Safety through improving maintenance effectiveness
  7. Practical Examples/Case Studies Early Identification of Process Safety and Hazard Risks, Intelligent Identification of Safety problems, solutions which reduce number and severity of incidents
  8. Plant Improvements Process Safety Synergies with big data based plant improvements  


More information on www.aiche.org.


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More information on www.aiche.org.

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